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Latinos and Paul Ryan

Mitt Romney’s running mate may be a godsend for Latinos currently inside the United States and those wishing to cross the border. Although Paul Ryan comes from a state where Latinos are only four percent of the total population registered to vote, his political views show that he supports Latinos in almost every way possible.

Ryan has called for a looser immigration policies and even voted to slash the border’s funding by millions of dollars. This is beneficial to Latinos, since a smaller budget makes it safer for illegal immigrants to get across the border. He has also sponsored and co-sponsored bills that call for more foreign workers to be brought into the states.

While Ryan’s views on immigration may seem beneficial to certain Latinos, others believe that since he is not fully passionate about the subject it will be easier to sway him and bring about stricter policies. Only time will truly tell us where Paul Ryan stands on the subject of immigration, but it seems as though he will be able to do a lot of beneficial things for Latinos with the proper support.

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